Paris Hilton & Manny Pacquiao Budding 'Hot' On Jimmy Kimmel Show

It entirely possible that every time Floyd Mayweather Jr. resurfaces in the media, it's to belittle or bash Manny Pacquiao. Over the weekend, Floyd Mayweather Jr. appeared on an ESPN radio show to discuss his latest gambling exploits and Manny Pacquiao. On Monday, Fight Sports Examiner confirmed through having an ESPN representative the following comments that is caused by Floyd Mayweather Jr. to ESPN Chicago.

Manny Pacquiao Still Being Criticized For Drug Use By The Mayweathers


"Manny Pacquiao, as part of his weight division, there's no one better at punching. Brandon Rios, on his division, there's no one better at looking for punch. This can be one of the best fights we've ever seen," Foreman understood.

Shane Mosley - Mosley completed his long climb back on the top of your sport by knocking out Antonio Margarito. A rematch against Miguel Cotto and fights against Mayweather and Pacquiao all of interest to him before he puts a finish to his career.

Bob Arum believes that Kelly Pavlik is a mega star, which site full of empty from a pure associated with PPV buys standpoint (the loss to Hopkins didn't help either). It need a win in December and a move to 168 before Pavlik has any realistic chance for becoming a mega star. His opponent in December though, Paul Williams, is greatest Pacquiao Foundation threat to your fighter from 147 to 160. He's not a mega star simply for the fact that nobody will fight him, which results in an exposure problem. Should the guy can defeat Pavlik and campaign in three weight divisions, then HBO will not have a choice but to anoint him.

Haye and also the Klitschkos have had bad blood between them since 2009 when Haye was originally set to handle Wladimir. Haye wore a shirt the press conference that depicted the Klitschkos with decapitated heads. This infuriated the brothers and has been in order to fight Haye since in this case.

Were it not for Pacquiao's inexplicable let via the gas pedal the actual championship rounds, the fight itself would be a "Pacman" whitewash. But the result remains, as well as what ought to.

Is having three fighters tied for your top ranking in the sport a copout? Maybe involved with. but until this mess gets arranged there's no clear hierarchy. Pacquiao has the buzz and also the attention, but my eyes saw Marquez beat him in their last encounter. Mayweather was the incumbent, but his hiatus leaves his status you want. Taking Mayweather vs. Marquez and Pacquiao vs. Cotto and making it a tournament with info facing some other is the only way to resolve this screw.

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